How to use Share(P2P)

Cluster Configuration


Please let me select, and display the cluster setting screen as[設定][クラスタ設定]


Please input the cluster (It might be comprehensible when it is roughly recognized the category and the genre) to be added to the column of .

Next, please push 「追加」 button of .

The cluster is added.

Please repeat the same operation when you register two or more clusters.

(Rather than set up multiple terms in one cluster, and so more easily link with other nodes in the cluster is divided into more than one set of single words.)


The cluster added to the list ahead is displayed.

Let's put the check on the check box of an effective cluster like .
Please push "OK" button () when finishing checking it.

The cluster was set by this.

Clusters can be set up to five at the same time, and the character length of each cluster can be set up to 255 characters.

Because the added cluster is preserved, setting it beforehand might be good for the cluster that seems to be necessary it.

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