How to use Share(P2P)


First of all, let's download the main body of Share.

A present latest version is ex2.

The system requirements
  OS :Windows 2000Windows XPWindows VISTA(Non-correspond to AERO. )
  Line: ADSL 1.5M or more Author: 村長
Version: EX2
FileSize: 753,309 byte
MD5: efd19d15b0437dce5bf8ad60fbbfcf10
SHA1: e3ebc4e73fb2ce8ed5e3904a82067715be0dd4fd

This site assumes neither the responsibility all nor the guarantee for the trouble that occurs by using Share.
When using it, I hope in the self-responsibility.

Moreover, we will recommend the virus check to be multiplied separately after it downloads it to make sure though the virus check is multiplied by the above-mentioned file.
We will recommend whether the described hush and to be investigated with the hush value calculation tool.

Share is distributed to the latest version though it is superior.

Please defrost the downloaded file to an arbitrary place.
(example: C:\Program Files\Share etc.)

If it is Winows XP or more, it is possible to defrost by development all right-clicking →.
When OS and the decompression of the rest cannot be done well, referring to site etc. here might be good.


I think the above-mentioned file to be developed when defrosting to an arbitrary folder.
(Even the extension is not displayed according to the setting, and judge it with the icon, please. )

Let's double-click 【Share.exe】 and start Share.


Such a message is displayed when starting.

Let's do a basic setting of Share according to the message.

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