How to use Share(P2P)

Line Speed and Port Settings


Please select, and let me display a basic, set screen , saying that [設定][基本設定].


Please select 「ネットワーク」 from an upper tab.

Next, please input maximum reception (download) speed to maximum transmission speed and (up-loading) in the part of .
The value is input the measurement by actually < speed measurement site > etc.
(reference: kbpss = KBit/s, KBit/s = 1/8 of KByte/s. 800kbps = 100KByte/s(800/8).
Setting a numerical value near an actual line will become and both download up-loading become comfortable. )

Next, the port number used for the part of to communicate with Share is input.
Share cannot be communicated in port 0, and input it, please deciding the port arbitrarily used.
(reference: the port number Because 49152-65535 has been decided as a private dynamic/port
 We will recommend the port number within this range other software and to be used so as not to come in succession. )

Please push the "OK" button of when the setting ends.

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