How to use Share(P2P)

Addition of initial node

It is not possible to look for the file because there is no information on the connection destination though the setting concerning the communication was completed here.
First of all, let's register an initial node.

I will copy its one initial node from the latest initial node list of the top page of this site.

Node addition

Please select the tab of "ノード" of , and push "ノード追加" button of .

The node addition screen is displayed.

In input column () in the part of 「暗号化アドレス」 of , it is a paste (Right-clicking →"Put" is selected in the input column) as for the latest initial node copied ahead.

When the input is completed, 「追加」 button of is selected and the node is added.

The message is not output and do not panic, please when succeeding in the addition.

Node screen

If the node and the communication registered like on the screen of Share are started, the setting is completed.

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