How to use Share(P2P)

How to install

First of all, let's defrost the downloaded plug-in file.

When the decompression cannot be done well, referring to site etc. here might be good.


The defrosted file works out with such a file roughly.

In the example, it is composed of source program () that becomes txt() that becomes dll() and a manual that is a plug-in main body and plug-in origin.

Because an installation method and a plug-in usage, etc. are recorded in txt() that becomes a manual, I will read.

Next, I will make the folder for the plug-in.


The folder that installs Share is opened, and let's select, make "New folder", and make the "plugin" folder with right-clicking → new making → folder.

(Please make it arbitrarily because it need not be the same folder as Share, and be a described folder name. )


Let's open the made "plugin" folder, and copy the dll file that is a plug-in main body in that.



Please let me select, and display a plug-in, set screen as [設定][プラグイン設定].


Please select 「追加」 button ().
The file selection screen is displayed.


Please select plug-in file () copied ahead, and click "Open" button ().

The selected plug-in is displayed in list ().

The way things are going, additional completion is not done and complete the addition, please pushing 「OK」 button ().


The added plug-in setting can be done by selecting [ツール][ each plug-in ].
Please confirm details on a plug-in each a set screen.

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