How to use Share(P2P)

Typical plug-ins

A typical plug-in part is published.
Please refer to the plug-in choice.

Plug-in name Rough function
ConexoBlocker The connection from the node with strange speed can be intercepted.
DiffusionProClone The diffusion up-loading can be done even if there is a node with complete cash to be near.
DynamicPriority The priority level is automatically permuted in an arbitrary method.
The method of the sort can be arbitrarily set.
FakeDelPlugin It is a multifunctional plug-in.
The menu of Share is added, and an one-touch operation becomes possible.
NodeRefresh The regularly latest node is acquired and added.
RegExpFilter It comes to be able to use the regular expression for the filter.
Support_O It is possible to operate it concerning the conversion of cash.
The function to control conversion into the file when the capacity of the hard disk is insufficient is convenient.
UpOnly Search from other nodes is intercepted, the Japanese oak is up-loaded, and diffusion can up-load the file.
Up-loading please in case of the specialty etc.
Taletelling It comes to be able to do inspection and the operation of the cache file in cooperation with the tool version.
(The setting is somewhat complex. )

Other various plug-ins exist.

To prevent the imitation being obtained because a plug-in list has been described here
We will recommend the thing that is retrieved and obtained based on the hush.

Moreover, it introduces it a little because there is a tool convenient besides the plug-in.

Tool name Rough function
PeerGuardian 2 The connection from specific Internet Protocol address is intercepted.
Taletelling It is necessary to install it as a tool to use the plug-in.

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