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Hash survey tool

Even the additional information and the text of the main body of Share on the installation page of "How to use Share" : as introduced.
The one that is called a hash value made from the content of the file is generally used to show the validity of the file.

There is variously tool that calculates the hash value of the file, and you will use the tool being offered for Windows by Microsoft.

File checksum adjustment verification (FCIV) utility(

Please download it clicking "Download the File Checksum Integrity Verifier utility package now." of a degree on the above-mentioned page.
(After the decompression if you use it frequently Because you may not pass PATH when copying it onto C:\WINDOWS\system32, it seems to be a little convenient. It ends only because it is input instead of the drag & drop of fciv.exe of the explanation below as fciv.exe. )

Please drop after dragging fciv.exe there by starting the command prompt (program → accessories → command prompt).

C:\Documents and Settings>(download place)\fciv.exe

It becomes it as stated above.
Please input if you want to examine "-md5" and the SHA1 hush if it wants to examine the MD5 hush under such a condition by opening one character blank by "Space key" as "-sah1".

C:\Documents and Settings>(download place)\fciv.exe -md5

Next, please drop after dragging the file to be examined after one character blank is opened by "Space key".

C:\Documents and Settings>(download place)\fciv.exe -md5 (place of file)\

Become, and when you push "Return key" here

C:\Documents and Settings>(download place)\fciv.exe -md5 (place of file)\
// File Checksum Integrity Verifier version 2.05.
efd19d15b0437dce5bf8ad60fbbfcf10 (place of file)\

The hash value of the file in feeling is displayed.
(In this case, efd19d15b0437dce5bf8ad60fbbfcf10 reaches the MD5 hush value of )

When the MD5 hush and the SHA1 hush for the confirmation are written in the file etc. distributed on the Internet, it might be good to compare the hash values.

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