How to use Share(P2P)


Here, the file named will be downloaded.

The size and the hush are, and the person is and there is thoroughly reliability about the turn volume in a rough case though it is a lot of.
Moreover, ID's being set might have reliability or more.

The possibility with fabrication and the virus is a high file to the file displayed by a red character.
Note the further spread when it downloads it.


Please select a pertinent file and select "Right-click""Add it to download" from among the list when the file to be downloaded is decided with double-clicking (The left mouse button is continuously pushed twice) or a pertinent file selected.


It is informed that the selected file becomes light blue and download was able to be prepared them.


Please select the tab of 「ダウンロード」 ().
The list of the file of the download waiting is displayed while downloading it.

Let's wait for the file to finish slowly downloading it now.
The passage of download can be confirmed even in the tab of "タスク" besides this screen.

Conversion from cash to the real file is done by the automatic operation when download is completed, and it is stored in the folder of "For download" set by the item of "Folder" of "Initialization".

The following explain 「トリガ」 that is the function equal with "Down condition" of the place said with Winny.

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