How to use Share(P2P)


I think an obviously doubtful file without the necessity and an unnecessary thing might displayed when the file to be downloaded is retrieved.

There is a possibility of diffusing on the Share node when having downloaded it with the trigger etc. when such a file is left.

Then, taking an active part is a filtering function.
If the filtering function is used, the retrieval result will be able to be refreshing, and to expect some effect also as for the prevention of a doubtful file from diffusing.

Let's immediately use the filter function.


Please select tab () of 「フィルタ」, and push 「フィルタ追加」 button ().
The filter addition screen is displayed.


Let's input a part of the name of the file to be excluded to the column of 「クエリワード」 ().
(The one that both are included results when two pieces are written like the above-mentioned example though it is a common matter to query. )

ID, the hush, and the size of the file can be specified besides the file name.
(The setting only of this is not cared to remove an unnecessary file from the retrieval result of the file either. )

Next, it moves to the setting of the option.

When 「キーを削除する」 () is checked, a corresponding file to the condition can be able to be prevented being up-loaded outside.
When 「キーに捏造警告を追加する」 () is checked, it reports on a corresponding file to the condition outside as a fabrication file.

When the file that 「キーに捏造警告を追加する」 () is checked retrieves the file on the node where the information is transmitted, "It is red" is displayed to the character of the line of the file.
(It is a dangerous file of a red character explained by the download page. )

Mixing the virus and the content must report on the fabrication warning about the fabrication file as much as possible because another case exists the file name and completely.

When it finishes inputting the condition of the filter, let's add the filter pushing 「追加」 button ().


An additional filter is displayed in list ().

Because the filter is possible two or more set things, let's add a necessary amount.

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