How to use Share(P2P)

Regist your Node

Advantage of registering node

When registering in "Latest initial node" under the top page of this site
It leads to doing the node to other Share users (node) and registration.
The connection of other nodes increases, and the node can be stabilized comparatively early.
(It becomes easy download to up-load the file. )

We will recommend registering by all means as the operation of the node registration is easy.

Encryption of node


Please select the tab of 「ノード」 (), and push 「アドレス暗号化」 button ().

The address encryption screen is displayed.


If a basic setting already ends, and the communication has started, IP() and ポート() are automatically set.
First of all, please complete everything from Line Speed and Port Settings of initialization to Add Node when it is not so.

Please push 「暗号化」 () button if IP() and ポート() are set.
The address encrypted in 「暗号化アドレス」 column () is displayed.

「クリップボードにコピー」 () is selected and it puts it into the state of the copy.

Please open top page (another window display) with this site as another window by a browser of seeing it.
(If the above-mentioned link can be clicked, it is displayed as another window. )


The mouse is put in a left input column () of "Node registration" button, and right-clicking → puts and puts the encryption address ahead.


When it can be confirmed that encryption Internet Protocol address ahead is put on a left input column () of "Node registration" button (), let's register the node pushing "Node registration" button ().

The registration of the node was completed by this.
Let's expand the circle of Share. !

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