How to use Share(P2P)

File Search

How to use, and first of all, it is possible to say, and the file is retrieved and it explains the download method about the beginner's class of Share.

Please confirm whether [ initialization ] has ended all before starting the retrieval of the file.
If the connection starts in the tab of "ノード", and the check is completed in the tab of "フォルダ", it is OK.

File Search

Please put the name of the thing that looks for in input column () of 「クエリワード」.
(Please input it by switching off the half angle space district when you input two or more words. )

I think comprehensible when catching , saying that "Retrieval word" of the place said with Winny.

It gives pushing "検索" button of .


The list of retrieved Fall is displayed.

Let's advance to download when the file to be downloaded is found.

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