How to use Share(P2P)


The trigger is a function because it automatically downloads the file of the condition specifying it.


Please select the tab of 「トリガ」 (), and push 「トリガ追加」 button ().

The trigger addition screen is displayed.


Please set words and phrases that become parts of the file name to be downloaded to クエリワード ().

Please input it to the column of when you want to specify ID and the hush for the file.

Please input it noting unit (MByte) in the column of when you want to make conditions in the size of the downloaded file.
(reference   1GByte=1024MByte)

Additionally, the option is set from the column of .
 条件が一致したらトリガを削除する:When the condition is corresponding, the trigger is deleted.
 フィルタを使用する:The filter is used.
 DBにキー追加だけを行う:Only the key addition is done to DB. )
(It might be good to remove the check on 「条件が一致したらトリガを削除する」 to download two or more files without ending by one time and continuously. )


The trigger added to list () is displayed.

Effective and the invalidity of the trigger can be changed from this screen by turning the check box in the kelp bass reward column on and off.

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